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Nergi®, the cutest kiwi berry...

To get your children to eat more fresh fruits and love them, nothing is easier than enjoying Nergi® kiwi berries! Very sweet and 100% natural, these little green fruits are so cute and easy to eat that the whole family will love them…

Nergi®, the cutest kiwi berry…

As children have gone back to school and fall is just around the corner, parents are always looking for the best for their children: be in good shape and keep small viruses at bay! Opting for a varied and balanced diet, practicing  sport regularly and having good sleep habits are undoubtedly the best options… Eating more fruits such as kiwi berries could be a good idea too!

It’s definiteley time to enjoy Nergi®’s benefits as it is the peak season! They are full of vitamins(C and E), fiber and minerals. At breakfast with toast, for dessert or for an afternoon break at school, this is a very healthy snack that will also give them a lot of energy throughout the day. Kids just love our sweet kiwi berries!

Get your children to eat more fruits and vegetables

Increasing fresh fruits and vegetables daily consumption is a priority for every parents. It can sometimes be a challenge, but you’ll see that once they’ve tried Nergi®, they’ll ask for more! It has it all:  it’s convenient, easy to eat with its edible skin, it doesn’t stain, it’s healthy, full of vitamins and many other benefits! ☺

The other great thing about Nergi® is that you can make delicious and easy recipes with your kids, a perfect way to have fun and be creative with the kiwi berries: small eyes on a cake, a fish, a caterpillar… Eating fruits will quickly become a habit!

Nergi®, available from mid-August to mid-November on stalls  

Find our kiwi berries until mid-November at the fresh fruit department of your supermarket alongside other berries such as raspberries. Click here to see where to find Nergi®.

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