March 2020 Nergi ®, the kiwi berry: convenient and ready to eat! Back to the list

Nergi ®, the kiwi berry that everyone loves !

Do we still have to introduce you to Nergi ®, the kiwi berry that everyone loves? Very convenient and easy to eat, 100% natural, it doesn’t stain and is also full of vitamins. Have a look at all its benefits, you will see that the whole family will love it!

A very practical kiwi berry

Thanks to its small size (not bigger than a cherry tomato), Nergi ® is convenient to enjoy whenever you want! Ready-to-eat with its fine and edible skin, you will fully appreciate the sweet taste and all the healthy benefits. The kids will also love these cute kiwi berries that do not stain. ;)

Nergi®, 100% natural and 0% GM

Feeling a little bit peckish ? Have some kiwi berries! Low in calories (52 calories per 100 g), these fruits are full of vitamins, minerals and fiber. Treat yourself with a healthy and natural snack at any time of the day: a quick lunch at the office, a little hunger on public transport, a bit of “eNergi ®” after a workout, etc. A perfect treat that will not make you feel guilty!  The kids will also be able to enjoy our kiwi berries easily on the playground, for breakfast, dessert or for a healthy and balanced snack. Getting them to eat fruits is really easy with Nergi ®! Take a tour in our Recipes section to get plenty of ideas to cook with your kids.

Where to find Nergi®?

You’ll be able to find our kiwi berries from late August to mid-November in the berry section next to raspberries, blackberries or blueberries. Click here to find out the nearest store.

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