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Want to extend the benefits of summer and feel great through Septembre?

Want to extend the benefits of summer and feel great through Septembre? Perhaps the answer could be in your plate. Nothing like a “superfruit”, such as Nergi®, The Kiwi Berry, to  get your daily vitamins and minerals.

Nergi®, the kiwi berry that gives you some eNergi! 

Septembre is a very busy time and the benefits of the summer holidays sometimes seem to vanish in just a few days… The to-do list is getting longer and the daily rhythm is accelerating. Fortunately, we have the solution to keep you fit and in good shape: indulge yourself and enjoy all the benefits of Nergi®, the Kiwi Berry, at any time of the day. Breakfast, snack, apetizer, dessert… Have a look at our Recipes section to discover simple and delicious ideas for both kids and adults! ☺

By doing something good for yourself, by feeding your body with healthy and delicious food, full of vitamins, minerals and essential fibers, you’ll see that you’ll be mentally tough too. Keep your body and mind strong with Nergi®! Think of Septembre as a fresh and new start…

Nergi®, the perfect kiwi berry Nergi® can be called a “superfruit”. This term has been applied by scientists to fruits (mostly berries) packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber:  – Calories: 52/100 g only, to enjoy without feeling guilty

– Vitamin C: 52.5 mg / 100 g, to strengthen the immune system

– Vitamin E: 5.28 mg / 100 g, to experience the benefits of antioxidants – Fibers: 3.6 mg / 100 g, to help digestion – Not forgetting its high content of potassium (268 mg), calcium (45.9 mg) and phosphorus (29.4 mg), to get stronger bones and muscles. Nergi® is available from late August to mid-November  Good news, you can enjoy our kiwi berries at the end of August! You will find them in the fresh berry section of your supermarket next to raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, etc. Do not hesitate to ask your store manager to let you you when they are on the stalls.  To help you, here are the different stores where you can find Nergi®.  The best way to get some news and learn more about Nergi® is to follow us on Facebook and Instagram! ☺ #Nergi #KiwiBerry


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