Nergi Story

NERGI®, a thousand years old fruit!

NERGI® is a kiwi berry from the Actinida arguta species also known as the Siberian kiwi or kiwi berry.

Actinida arguta was grown wild and in small quantities for a long time as the plant produced very soft fruit that could not be conserved.

In the 1990s, some New Zealand botanists had the idea of interbreeding the plants in order to improve their overall quality. From this process new varieties were born.  They were as rich in taste and nutritional values as the original fruit, but resisted better and could be kept longer. NERGI® is part of this new generation of varieties.

They are obtained through natural pollination and are not Genetically Modified Organisms.

It comes in male and female plant forms. Its foliage is no longer necessary, it flowers in mid-May and its fruit grow in clusters during the summer.

 The plant produces 10 to 50 kg of fruit.

The berries are hand-picked, one by one, between 20 August and 10 September depending on the year and the producing region.

After the harvest, NERGI® is left to ripen in a cold room.

The sweetness and the firmness of the fruit are among the most important criteria in the ripening stage before the fruit goes on the market.

NERGI®️ is mostly sold in a 125g plastic punnet with a protective lid.

This is the ideal packaging for the protection of the berries during transportation and sale in stores. The packaged berries are a uniform size and are not washed.

NERGI®️ is also available in 125g cardboard punnets, that is perfect for enjoying them on the go.

All of the packaging is recyclable, because here at NERGI®️, respect for the environment is a high priority.

NERGI® is a berry fruit cultivated with respect towards nature.

NERGI® growers manage their orchards according to the principles of sustainable agriculture. Water and fertilisers are added sparingly according to the plants’ needs. The plant has a good resistance to diseases and because of this does not need any chemicals during the fruit production cycle.

When the flowers blossom during spring, honeybees and bumblebees love its white, beautifully scented flowers.

NERGI® growers are mostly young farmers who employ family members for farm labour. NERGI® orchards are generally located on farms of less than one hectare on average.

Once the planting has finished, the rows between trees are kept grassy in order to limit soil erosion and encourage the growth of flora and fauna, which are vital for the overall balance of the orchard.

Under certain production conditions, NERGI® may have small marks on its skin. These marks are not bad for you and do not alter the quality of the taste.

NERGI® is mainly cultivated in France and in southern European countries such Italy, Portugal, Spain, Ukraine. The aim is to limit environmental impact by bringing production zones that favour NERGI® cultivation closer to areas where it is most consumed.

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