pleasure NERGI

Practical because of its small size, NERGI® can be eaten directly thanks to its fine and edible skin.
Easily transportable in its 125g protective container, it is perfect for a nomadic diet: for a snack in the office, on public transport, a snack at recess, a fruity break in the countryside or an improvised aperitif .
Ready to use, unlike other fruits, it does not stain when it is consumed. Practice no?

NERGI® is the little fruit of sharing and conviviality!
Its small size and profile ready to taste make it a practical fruit to consume at any time of the day, during special moments with family or friends.

With its original and colorful appearance due to its high chlorophyll content, NERGI® becomes an unusual ingredient to prepare and consume. Kids love it, in the form of colorful skewers or coated with chocolate. Consumed at breakfast, it brings energy for the whole family and cut in half, it becomes amazing topping, a little very visual and original fruit within the bowls and other healthy salads and vegan …

Excellent for health with its vitamins and minerals, NERGI® is a low-calorie fruity pleasure (52 Kcal per 100 g of fresh fruit).

NERGI® is your ally well-being. Energetic contribution before or after a physical effort, it helps fight against daily tiredness and restores energy!

Rich in vitamin C and well supplied with trace elements such as Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and Phosphorus, NERGI® comes under the category of “superfruits”. It is also well provided with vitamin E, which contributes to the fight against free radicals, involved in the process of cellular aging. Also a source of dietary fiber, NERGI® effectively revives the work of lazy intestines.

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