Try me

Just before eating me!

You can eat NERGI® as-is, just like blueberries or raspberries or other berries. Just take the NERGI® out of the package, rinse them, and they’re ready to eat!


When can you eat me?

NERGI® are ready to eat as soon as the skin is supple to the touch: that’s the signal that the fruit’s aromas and sweet, lightly tart flavours are at their peak!

Don’t worry about peeling, since the smooth skin is edible. You can munch on one at any time the day! More suggestions and ideas can be found here.

Did you know that NERGI® is very low in calories and is a source of vitamin C? More information can be found here.


How should I be stored?

From the end of August until mid-November, you can find NERGI® in retail stores wherever snacks or berries are sold. Once purchased, you can store your NERGI® package at home:

  • 3 days at room temperature
  • 7 days in your fridge’s fruit and vegetable crisper


Decorate your meals

NERGI® is great for a snack on its own, or to decorate your sweet and savoury dishes.

It is a great decoration – healthy and unique. It will delight your palate as well as your eyes, whether it is served whole or cut into halves. Perfect for young and old alike!

NERGI® is a new force in food-art trends and has already won over many food bloggers!

IMG_20150917_173409 IMG_20150917_192734 IMG_20150917_193206 IMG_20150917_193422

The path of NERGI® from the farm to your palate!


When and how to consume me?

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