Dessert To serve Iced
Coconut ice cream sticks and Nergi® Kiwi Berries
15 min.
6 people
Budget mini
  • 2 trays of Nergi® Kiwi Berries
  • 400g vegan coconut yoghurt
  • 10g grated coconut
  • 30g granola
  • Agave syrup
  1. Mix the coconut yoghurt with 1 cup of agave syrup and the grated coconut. Add the halved Mini Kiwis.
  2. Carefully pour the mixture into the ice cream moulds.
  3. Add the granola and 1 tsp of agave syrup per stick to thicken the granola.
  4. Place the wooden sticks in the centre. Place in the freezer overnight before serving. © Poire & Cactus

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