Actinidia arguta appeared in oriental Asia where it exists from time immemorial


NERGI® is a berry. Its edible skin stays green even when ripe. You will be able to recognise it next to other berries such as raspberries, blueberries, and blackcurrants.
Try NERGI® and discover a natural, deliciously sweet berry.

When and how to eat me?

  • 1-me-consommer-gb
  • plaisir mérité

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  • Just take a look at this article published on Food and Travel this month....
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    The sales season of NERGI® is over. The Nergi-farmerss will now prepare for the next harvest.
    We meet in September 2016 for your delight.
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  • And the winner of our #LoveNergi photo contest is #wildchild_blog thanks to her #superhealthy breakfast recipe and her cute picture on Instagram. She’s going to receive...











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